Ten Ways to Develop a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Ten Ways to Develop a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

It was once estimated that by 2021, video content would account for 82% of all Internet traffic. The majority of the forecasts have already come true in 2020, and we have seen a significant increase in the number of people watching video material. But what if we used them for our business instead of just viewing it? in relation to our marketing plans? What if we capitalized on the enormous traffic-boosting potential of videos? We will talk specifically about that today. more precisely, developing a successful video marketing plan!

A marketing strategy alone is insufficient. To see a noticeable improvement in your bottom line, it must be perfect. What could be better than adding a little motion to your content and getting your effective video marketing strategy off the ground? Just by transitioning from simple texts or static visuals to a more in-depth video experience, so many firms have witnessed an impressive increase in their revenue.

The Consumer Demand for Explainer Videos

On a brand’s site, an explanation video or other motion is increasingly preferred by users. Since watching an explainer film rather than reading a long About Us page makes it simpler to understand the essence of a brand’s operation.

But as you can see, we frequently launch several projects without even taking key realities into account. You need to ask yourself a few questions regarding video marketing, and then only when you have the answers, should you move forward. the initial inquiries. Why are some videos so good? What subjects command attention? What are the key ingredients to a successful video marketing plan?

Marketing Video Production for Business

Once you discover these solutions for yourself, there is no turning back. And to be honest, you are missing the mark if your marketing strategies aren’t supported with compelling explainer videos or a compelling 3D experience for your product.

Additionally, the fact that we have the best technology available to us today has made video production unbelievably low. Today’s smartphones have 4K video recording capabilities. They even have a premium microphone and audio system built right into them. What more could you want? And for this reason, 52% of brand fans and marketers consider video content to be the most effective ROI generator.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the top secrets for developing the most effective video marketing plan that will succeed in 2022 and beyond. This blog article will discuss both the marketing and technical components of creating an effective video to support your plan. Continue to scroll!

1. Use the First 10 Seconds Wisely. Make them Count!

Human attention spans are progressively getting shorter. Our average attention span at the moment is just 8 seconds, which is one second shorter than a goldfish. The average human attention span in the year 2000 was 12 seconds.

You need to pique interest in the initial scene of your video material given this profound alteration. The ideal strategy is to grab the audience’s attention with something they haven’t seen before or something that addresses their current issues.

Adding amusing thumbnails to your videos before you post them to YouTube or Facebook is another option. Since thumbnails are typically what capture our attention, if they are made appealing, viewers are more likely to choose to click and see what’s within.

Therefore, regardless of how amazing your video is, if you can’t grab their attention inside the first 10 seconds, they won’t watch it.

2. Create a Logical Budget and Adhere to it

Another unbreakable law Always consider a budget before you start creating your video-based marketing plan, and stick to it. Your budget is what regulates any unforeseen costs and maintains the integrity of your investments. Make a rough budget, specify some feasible, realistic goals, and stick to them.

Although it might appear costly, making videos doesn’t necessarily have to be. When you first start, you do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment and cameras. Give your creative brief to a professional team for a quick marketing film if your budget allows, and let them handle the strategy development.

On the other hand, if money is tight, you could start making quick videos on your smartphone. Choose the types of videos you want to invest in based on your budget.

3. Build Relevant Audience Base on Facebook to Target

Building a strong audience base is quite important if you’re wondering how to create a video marketing strategy. Make sure to develop a buyer persona based on the behavior of your target market and current users. This will assist you in producing material that will specifically appeal to your audience.

And when it comes to content distribution, Facebook is unbeatable. Its extremely precise targeting can be used to establish the optimum target audience base. Organize your audiences into groups according to their age, gender, geography, and language. Create your video strategy based on your target demographic once you have identified it.

4. Focus on a Storytelling Approach. Never Sound Salesy

As it is generally advised not to sound pushy or salesy in your emails, social media posts, or any other marketing collateral, this may be the golden guideline for marketing efforts in general.

Similarly, it is required that you avoid sounding overly salesy in your video material. Otherwise, instead of offering value, you might detract from your pitch. Instead, concentrate on presenting engaging stories while offering useful and practical advice. According to statistics, more than 80% of consumers prefer when brands tell stories about their products or services rather than outright marketing them.

The target audience can readily be introduced to a real-life problem through a tale. Your script must embody your brand’s emotions, comedy, and spirit. In order to engage your audiences, act more like a storyteller than a marketer.

5. Determine the Content Type

Due to the wide range of tastes among your audience, not every piece of material you provide will be appreciated. Others might enjoy DIY projects or how-to tutorials. Some people could enjoy explainers or promotional material. Others could even favor viewing Vlogs or behind-the-scenes videos.

So, blend your material kinds in a balanced way and start crafting the script that way. Consider what you would say to the camera and your audience, even if you were simply using your smartphone to record the Vlog. When presenting any interview footage, make sure your subject is well-lit, the audio is crystal-clear, and there are no visual jerks.

According to studies, 80% of consumers would rather watch a Facebook Live video than a non-live, pre-produced one. So make sure there is adequate space for livestreams in your video content strategy.

6. Ensure to Incorporate Closed Captions within your Video Content

85% of Facebook videos are seen silently, and this tendency is very common on other social media sites as well, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Therefore, be careful to add closed captions in the video uploads if you want to reap the rewards of Facebook advertising.

Your work will likely reach a larger audience if you include closed captions, including those who have hearing loss, who make up over 5% of the world’s population. You can have multilingual subtitles for your videos and close captions as well. This significantly benefits the non-English speaking audience and boosts your viewership.

Additionally, captions make it possible for viewers to watch a video in challenging environments like noisy trains, libraries, etc.

7. Schedule Regular Video Uploads

Google constantly favors frequent updates, therefore your strategy must always follow this golden guideline. Consistency is important, keep in mind. If you follow a set schedule for publishing your material, your audience will adore it.

Since videos are such an important component of your online marketing campaigns, it is usually preferable to plan your material in advance to prevent any date slippage. Even many well-known YouTube stars have a tendency to lose viewers due to sporadic material uploads. So be sure that consistency and regularity are the main points of your plan.

8. Plan your Content Ahead of Time

This brings us to the preceding point. Planning your videos not only saves you time, but it also protects your SEO score, your audience, and your audience base. Marketing plans that will support the expansion of your business must be written in a way that ensures advance planning of your script, timetable timing, analysis of hashtags and keywords, and other factors.

Additionally, outlining your content in advance helps you avoid rushing or omitting any important details. Nothing should ever be saved until the final minute in a winning approach.

9. Edit your Videos Effectively

You have now completed your masterpiece of animation. Great! Then, what? Does your plan call for video editing? Although it may seem difficult, there are several free internet tools for editing videos that may help you efficiently edit your content.

No matter what field you are in, you must be aware of the video editing tips because engaging your audience depends greatly on a polished film. Make video editing one of the key components of your plan.

10. Get your Videos Optimized by the Pros

When it comes to optimizing your video content for search engines, forget everything you’ve learned about conventional SEO up to this point. Since the algorithms for video SEO have changed significantly over the past few years, your approach will fail if it doesn’t incorporate the new techniques.

It should go without saying that since it is their line of employment, some tasks are best left in the hands of experts. Similar to this, it’s advisable to contact a seasoned video production team for your brand/marketing films and delegate your usual tasks to them.

It takes a lot of work to make your films SEO-friendly and audience-appropriate, and only experts are skilled in this area. Additionally, businesses with a solid web image and a wealth of market knowledge can only make your efforts truly successful!

Bonus: Pick a Reliable Platform for Hosting Videos

Selecting the ideal video hosting service is the first step in developing a strong video SEO strategy. Each platform is committed to achieving particular marketing goals. For instance, Facebook and Twitter can help you get momentum and drive visitors to your website, but YouTube and Vimeo are more concerned with enhancing brand awareness.

More specifically, Wistia can direct a lot of organic traffic your way and convert that traffic into leads for your website. The SEO information – JSON-LD that Wistia offers is automatically inserted into videos, increasing the likelihood that the material will be found and seen (indexed). JSON-LD, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, uses the vocabulary from the schema.org website to annotate and structure data.

To avoid disappointment, pick your platform prudently as not all hosting platforms provide this option. Additionally, make sure your thumbnail entices viewers to click on your video. A compelling thumbnail can increase play rates by approximately 30% and have a major impact on click-through rates.

The appropriate keywords in your title and description are a crucial component of content optimization. Perform a thorough keyword research based on the subject of your movie to identify the most effective search terms. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will see your video post in the feed or search results.

Signing Off!

If all of this seems to be too much for you, do not worry. Planning a fully-proof strategy may seem like an overwhelming endeavor, but things get simpler when you have the right support in place. It all comes down to practice, patience, and tenacity. And perfection comes from these three.

Always keep in mind that you should avoid making your content sound too “salesy”; sure, you need to explain what you do, but not too much. Within the first 10 seconds, grab their attention by delicately addressing their pain area. Once they can identify with the problem statement and are interested, start outlining how your services or goods will benefit them.

So begin shooting today. You can either grab your camera or smartphone or search online for free video-editing software. Alternately, you can work with a qualified staff that will handle everything on your behalf while putting as little effort as possible into it.

You will receive a comprehensive guide to implementing a video marketing plan along with numerous options for personalized videos. Don’t wait; begin your video strategy for social media journey right away to position oneself as an expert in the field.


The Best Way To Make Engaging Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails

Do you want to draw in a sizable audience to your videos? We are aware of the current trends in online video marketing. Due to its instant access, extensive reach, and rapid engagement, it has becoming increasingly popular. Today, companies and brands rely a lot on internet video marketing to advertise their goods and services. But if one can captivate the intended audience with enticing thumbnails, they will be successful with their video.

No matter how interesting your video content is, if the thumbnail doesn’t grab attention right away, you won’t receive many views. The target audience is drawn in by the thumbnail’s promises of specific information inside. What use is your video if the thumbnail is unattractive?

If you’re looking for the greatest advice for making attractive video thumbnails, we have some helpful advice to impart. Let’s look at those listed below:

1.    Unclutter

Many marketers have a propensity to overstuff their thumbnail to the point of confusion. Because of this, the majority of viewers can’t even tell what the video is about and walk on. Please keep in mind that your thumbnail is very small, so it is better to provide just the most important, obvious, and accurate details.

The best strategy involves taking a snapshot or creating a bespoke image, adding an impressive title, and adding some text. Make your text as concise, focused, and pertinent as you can. The viewers will hardly be able to distinguish the image if you cram in too much information and other material.

2.    Stay Away from Auto-Select

The privilege of selecting a thumbnail belongs to the marketers when we talk about them. Why would you want YouTube, or any video provider, to choose a thumbnail for you when you have such freedom? The video is, after all, your baby and brilliant invention. You are the one who would know the ideal thumbnail for it. The viewers won’t take the time to click on a video that doesn’t immediately pique their interest if you don’t take the utmost care in selecting the ideal thumbnail.

So be sure to use all of your resources if you want EVERYONE to see your film. Make sure your thumbnail prominently displays your business and brand.

3.    Highlight Emotions and Faces in Your Thumbnail

There is a common assumption that emotions have no role in biology, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. The emotions the videos will create in the viewer are hinted at through thumbnails that concentrate on face expressions. If the thumbnail conveys that the video content will significantly shock or modify the viewer’s perceptions, you are at an advantage. Thumbnails that convey the video’s feelings honestly and accurately receive a lot of views.

A friendly face is a wise choice as well. Viewers are unlikely to desire to watch the video if your thumbnail depicts a lifeless, uninteresting, and unattractive face. However, a personable, appealing face will give your thumbnail life and grab people’s attention right away. Remember to give priority to a cheerful, approachable face with expressive emotions if you want your fantastic marketing video to obtain successful play rates. This will let viewers relate much more.

4.    Animation Works

Although it can be challenging, adding motion to a thumbnail can be very powerful. Static photos, in my opinion, appear dull and flat. However, any movement in the shots tends to draw viewers’ attention. With the development of video marketing tools, you may now utilize a variety of approaches for animation, the art of entrancing the audience.

Finding the ideal image can be challenging for those who are just starting out with video production. However, there are various free tools available for you to utilize if you want to design a unique thumbnail. Canva, Adobe Spark, and a few others are excellent places to start.

5.    Test Various Thumbnail Options first

It’s fantastic if you have several ideas for video thumbnails. By doing so, you can try each one on your video and determine one works best. The A/B approach can be used to determine which thumbnail receives the most attention.

The decision is obvious to you if you observe one thumbnail receiving seven views while your other alternative receives one hundred.

6.    Consider Writing Headlines for Your Thumbnails

The thumb guideline for success in thumbnails is that it will be more successful if it is more obvious. How informative the text is has a significant impact on the total success. You must simultaneously keep some element of mystery. So, how do you go about doing that?

It is true that marketers require a fine touch and a cunning verbal strategy. They must be allowed to edit the headline to make it shorter and more readable. It will take some time to get the headline just right, but persevere. Your final product must be a succinct yet precise title. The recommended length for YouTube videos is seventy characters, including spaces. If you go above this limit, consider your alternatives.

By condensing something without losing its sense but reducing the character count, you can cut down on the length.

7.    Stamp the Thumbnail as Your Own

It is crucial to include your brand name in the thumbnails you produce. By doing this, you certify the film as your own and provide the audience evidence of your authority. Their faith in your brand will grow as a result.

Once your videos gain a following, viewers will start to recognize them as being from you because your brand is displayed on the thumbnail. Because of your logo, viewers will quickly recognize and remove your videos from the recommended location.

Final Thoughts

Every video’s thumbnail serves as its first impression. Marketers must concentrate on producing top-notch thumbnails for quick success in viral video marketing. They are the frames that video creators must choose in advance from the body of their video and upload as the title frame.

Even better, you can snap customized photographs apart from your thumbnail. Whatever method you use, keep in mind that a thumbnail should be as accurate, yet informative, eye-catching, and striking as possible.


4 Ways to Use Animated Video to Animate Your Virtual Conferences

The groups have switched to organizing “virtual conferences” and other online events now that the idea of social distance has become the “new normal.” With the unlocking process, organizations have begun to normalize their operations as they did previously, including work from home. New additions include virtual conferences and online meetings. But a lot of people hold the belief—which is true—that monotonous events can easily develop from the same old virtual face-to-face interactions in front of digital screens. These won’t draw in constantly busy professionals because of their boring tones. What then is the solution to this problem? Animation videos have been incorporated into the events.

Animated Videos: A Welcome Inclusion To Make The Message Clear

“Animation allowed us to do this, as well as provide data points in an interesting way,” the author said. “We wanted to establish a persona and tell a distinct, exaggerated story.”

The CEO of Artcraft Health, Stephanie Murrin, recently made headlines for integrating animated video materials in her online conference. The tailored health education that her business creates “focuses on promoting genuine learning, not merely giving knowledge,”

She feels that animated video is the best option because her topic need the full attention of the audience in order for the message to be effectively conveyed. And nothing can quickly grab the audience’s attention like animation can!

Why Is Animation Video Required For Virtual Conferences?

It is uncommon for anyone to consider animated movies as one of the virtual event ideas when preparing an online conference. Why? Considering that animation is frequently linked to cartoons or Disney-Ghibli films. They cannot be connected to important events like business gatherings. All of these presumptions are categorically false.

“The wide range of animation techniques that are currently available can deliver both serious and lighter entertainment. Adults can watch animations that simplify complicated processes or help visualize ideas that might be challenging on their own.

Video animation is adaptable and reasonably priced. The videos contain subliminal messages that best align with the target audience’s intentions. Moreover, animated videos can prove to be the most accessible asset for a business to reach the audience’s minds, since the escalating trend of live-action looks to be difficult to be shot in this situation of social alienation.

The lesson from this is:

  • highlights the textually difficult-to-visualize elements
  • makes dull and uninteresting subjects more interesting
  • quickly and effectively engages people
  • increases the variety of the virtual event’s material

Here Are 4 Ways To Make Your Virtual Conferences A Peppy Success

Those who are just starting out in the animation industry might find it overwhelming to manage an animation project. However, whether you want to believe it or not, it is just another form of marketing or communication.

i. Keep Your Animation Content Aligned With Your Brand Offering

Think of your virtual meeting with animated content like you would any other business online event. The tone and aesthetic of the brand must be reflected in the animation content. The brand and the video must appear to the spectator as one and the same. The virtual conference offers the chance to communicate the brand message to the deeply ingrained, animated audience. They need to recall not just what is said in the video but also who is depicted on screen in it.

ii. Planning Is Important And Must Be Done Much Before The D-Day

An animated film may be made in a matter of seconds, but organizing one, especially for a formal event, takes time. The process should ideally be started at least a month in advance. Write a script first, then go over it to make sure the content is in line with the goal of the event before starting the animation process.

iii. Segmentize Video Into Interesting ‘CHAPTERS’

Anything played for an extended period of time eventually reduces audience engagement. Therefore, if your film is lengthy, start breaking it up into manageable segments to keep viewers interested. “By segmenting the content into manageable chapters, the audience’s attention span is much improved, allowing them to assimilate the information and eagerly anticipate the next chapter. Additionally, these breaks from nature provide you opportunity to discuss what you have witnessed and answer queries from the online audience.

Your video conferencing can also benefit from the framework provided by animation videos. People must go from one room to another during physical meetings, which naturally breaks up the action. However, in a virtual meeting, participants will be seated in the same chair for several hours, so you can see why it’s crucial to use signal changes, break frames, and topic shift notifications to keep participants’ attention.

iv. Use Powerful Logos And Taglines To Make It Engaging & Interesting

Your videos become much more intensely engaging while also giving your brand the necessary exposure thanks to fantastic taglines and logos. Select for your animation subtle colors that are associated with your brand. Make sure your video is funny, trustworthy, and authoritative while maintaining a tone appropriate for the topic.

Are You Aware? Animated videos from your conferences can be reused!

The benefit of animation is that you can always go back and update for a different goal or use the old asset exactly as-is for a variety of strategies.

Your conference’s animated movie will be an everlasting value for your company. Your online meeting could finish, but your video doesn’t have to. After the conference is over, you can still use them for subsequent events. But in this instance, a rash repurposing can backfire. Therefore, if you choose to present the same for another meeting, just tweak the content here and there, add a voiceover if necessary, and then line everything up with the frames. Additionally, you can eliminate pointless elements in the editing process.

What else? Share the video on the social media platforms used by your company to engage customers and build brand loyalty.

Animated Video Has Got You Covered!

A focused professional firm with a focus on finding the most inventive solutions to satisfy customer needs is Animated Video. Our imaginative thinkers and artists will continue to work on a project until the clients’ faces light up, churning out perfection for each one as they go. Do you also require an animated movie for your online meeting? Then get in touch with us whenever to talk about your needs and receive a quote that fits your idea. Visit our educational portfolio today to view some incredible works produced by our cat. We can also be found on a number of social media platforms.


Nine Reasons Animated Videos Are Essential For Digital Marketing

Because of its quick impact, animated video is crucial for internet marketing. Business owners in this fast-paced day lack the time to devote to conventional marketing techniques. They require methods that produce fast outcomes. The businesses have utilized every marketing technique, but they have not yet seen the anticipated outcomes. Numerous marketing and advertising tactics have been used by them, but nothing has been successful. Thanks to digital marketing, which has completely changed the way that marketing is done. Businesses don’t have to spend money on conventional marketing anymore. They won’t be able to save money this way, so they end up throwing their money away.

A brand-new and modern form of marketing is digital marketing. It is a contemporary method of online marketing that includes lead generation, SEM, online reputation management, and ORM, as well as organic SEO and social media marketing. A viral component of digital marketing is video marketing.

It is a tried-and-true approach for boosting website traffic and moving Google search results to the top. Businesses enjoy recording video with the newest smartphone camera and uploading it to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Zoom Memoji, as clark Theverge does. To improve the quality and increase demand, they also include video animation. Animation as a creative medium presents a big commercial problem. No one can learn animation as quickly as you can. To develop their skills, it takes some time and patience.

The public is growing more familiar with the animated videos, and they take great interest in watching them. From the opening through the closing of a video, viewers expect to see animation. They are able to hold viewers’ interest and prolong it.

The following examples demonstrate the significance of video animation companies in the sphere of digital marketing:

Animated Videos Save Time and Money

The greatest way for businesses to save time and money is to work with an outsourcing company. It is a crucial component for companies today that motivates them to spend money on animation videos. Animation movies provide businesses with high-quality services at competitive prices, saving them time, money, and resources.

Stays current with the Latest animated video Trend

Trends are ever-evolving. This is an excellent standard for modern corporate innovation. With today’s technological breakthroughs, they need to be updated. To provide clients with cutting-edge solutions, businesses must stay abreast of the most recent trends and technologies.

Utilize Captivating Animated Video Ideas for Your Website

Customers are given fresh ideas through animated videos, which is one of their many important benefits for businesses. Designers get together to discuss and come up with original concepts for video-based animation. They think beyond the box and provide original concepts for clients by applying their creative thinking and mental rigor.

Story Tell Original Story Tell Animated Video

Every video ought to have its own plot and script. Videos with animation have the advantage of presenting you with a fresh and creative idea for narrative narration. These narratives are used by businesses to engage with clients and win their gratitude. The videos are watched by the viewers with rapt attention, which raises the quality of the content. The viewers must be given a clear message by the visual content.

The viewers are drawn toward the Animated Video.

The target audience loves, shares, and enjoys every animated video. Their age, gender, and place of residence are irrelevant. People are drawn to view these videos from all over the world.
Businesses are motivated to produce videos that communicate messages to a wide range of clients by this trend, which is rising. Cartoons and motion graphics are popular. However, they also enjoy watching Whiteboard Animation, Explainer Videos, and 3D and 2D animation.

Google Loves the Animated Video

Animation and SEO go hand in hand. Google supports this feature the most by quickly crawling, indexing, and ranking animated videos. It prioritizes animated videos and moves them to the top of the search results. Businesses can add their video material to the relevant keywords and display it throughout the Google search results page.

Animations in Video Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media and animated videos are strongly related. They are an excellent technique to encourage participation in social media. On a variety of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, businesses can share and publish animated videos. Most crucially, they are more effective at spreading videos via Vimeo, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, and YouTube. These platforms are excellent for improving website traffic and click-through rate CTR.

The increase in CTR increases conversion rates while lowering bounce rates. Businesses can share and publish a wide variety of visual content, such as images, videos, infographics, memes, audio podcasts, and texts.

It is a beautiful source of Entertainment.

The most enjoyable kind of entertainment is seeing an animated film. They make viewers happy by offering countless opportunities for inspiration, learning, and fun. Watching animation films can calm you down and make you happier while reducing stress. It provides high-quality information that can aid in educating people in addition to entertainment.

Animated videos provide viewers with unique, fact-based content. They encourage viewers to stick with a movie all the way through. Videos are reliable sources of knowledge that they can impart to others.

It creates the foundation for a Dynamic online visual presence.

To draw in clients, businesses use animated videos to establish a strong online presence. Customers can recognize your company’s name because to the strong branding identity they help build. A brand’s reputation is based on how far it can reach the general audience. Animation videos are excellent for making the brand more easily accessible. They enable customers to get information about your company at any time and from any place.

Explainer videos blog


When animated explainer movies are used by businesses to describe their services, more than 80% of them report higher sales. This might be the case given that the majority of customers find explainer movies to be useful in comprehending a product or service.

Explainer video marketing strategies are excellent for businesses. Discover seven of the animated explainer video’s many advantages by reading on.

1. They Demonstrate Problems and Solutions

Customers looking for solutions to their difficulties generate a large portion of company. Explainer videos using animation make it easier to illustrate an issue and show how to fix it.

Customers detest reading dense corporate material, and if a sales speech drags on for too long, they’re likely to stop listening. Explainer animations can accomplish the same task more interestingly and artistically.

Short and entertaining videos that are well-designed hold viewers’ attention while making goods and services approachable. To ensure nothing is missed, animated explainer films can easily be paused. They can also be rewinded and watched again to replay crucial information.

2. Animated Video Adds Emotion

For better or worse, we frequently follow our feelings and make decisions depending on how things make us feel. Since our brains correctly absorb visual information 90% of the time, our emotions are typically visual in nature. Additionally, since 65% of individuals learn visually, information presented visually is more effective cognitively in addition to having a stronger emotional impact.

Traditional advertising materials tend to lack emotion, and the stock photographs that accompany them rarely make up for this or even add any real value.

Animated explainer videos can help with this. In addition to using images and voiceovers to appeal to viewers’ emotions, they can communicate information visually.

3. Using Animated Explainer Videos Increases Website Traffic

Your website’s traffic can improve by 80% by adding an animated explanation video to your landing page, which will also boost conversion rates.

What causes this to occur? Web pages featuring video content are favored by internet search engines. This is because they are simple for Internet crawlers and bots to identify. Spiders, sometimes referred to as web crawlers, are machines that collect information from the World Wide Web and catalog it for search engines like Google.

When the video is posted on social media platforms or included into email campaigns, these advantages are enhanced.

Including animated explainer videos is an inexpensive and efficient approach to draw attention to your product or service.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Boost Search Engine Optimization

You already know that web crawlers that index web material for search engines are drawn to animated explainer videos, but videos also support marketing initiatives by enhancing your SEO. This is how:

Including animated explainer videos is an inexpensive and efficient approach to draw attention to your product or service.

  • A lot of people may post an animated explainer film on social media. This can then result in backlinks. When one website links to another, backlinks are created, and they are crucial for achieving good SEO rankings.
  • Your expertise on a subject, commodity or service, can be established with an effective animated explainer film. By consistently publishing fresh videos, updates, and information, you can make your website the go-to resource for information, grow your following, and enhance your SEO.
  • By allowing rich snippets, embedded video explainers and other structured data on your website can improve your SEO. These are search engine visual representations of your page that drive more traffic than traditional site descriptions.

Animated video explainers can help you easily raise your ranking in SEO, which is now a crucial component of any effective marketing strategy.

5. Animated Explainer Videos Are Easily Shared

Although an animated explainer video’s main goal is to explain, whether it’s a problem-solving strategy or a start-plan up’s of action, there are several advantages to making the video entertaining and compelling enough to share.

A million shares are not necessary for the explanation video to be successful. The prominence of a company might be significantly altered by a thousand or even a few hundred.

This is something that animated explainer videos should keep in mind. A boring video is unlikely to be shared by anyone, but one that is hilarious, clever, or unexpected may spread beyond the audience that it is specifically intended for.

Even if they are not the intended audience for your product or service, you should still want to share the animated explainer film you make with family and friends.

6. Animated Explainer Videos Can Simplify Complex Concepts

If people don’t grasp how your product or service works, it’s difficult to explain why it’s the greatest. Unfortunately, traditional techniques of explanation frequently cause the majority of people to get too bored to really comprehend what is being said.

While breaking down complex subjects into clearly understandable chunks, animated explainer movies may keep audiences engaged. Effective music and voiceovers combined with excellent animation may make learning new things fun and make products or services more appealing.

7. Animated Explainer Videos Are Surprisingly Affordable

With all these advantages, you may assume that making an animated explainer film would be costly. It’s not, which is fantastic news. Animated videos are generally less expensive to produce than traditional explainer videos and broadcast ads for a number of reasons:

  • They are quick to produce, meaning fewer production team man-hours.
  • They don’t require expensive sets because everything is done on a computer.
  • They don’t need live actors and the designers, costumers, makeup artists, catering, and all the other extras that go withthem.

The budgetary concerns of traditional video production can be creatively limiting, but with animation, anything is possible.

Bee Video Can Help You Create Entertaining and Informative Animated Explainer Videos

The team at Bee Video Productions has over 20 years of experience in the video production industry and can offer businesses cutting-edge animated explainer videos at competitive pricing to expand their customer base.

Call (647) 625-9629 right away to find out more about how animated explainer films might benefit your business.


How to Choose the Best Animated Video Company

Good Communication Process

Experienced marketing managers are innately convinced that choosing vendors based only on objective and unbiased criteria is essential to the company’s performance. And the same guidelines hold true for creating open lines of communication. Choose the production company that has a solid working relationship with its suppliers as a result.

Feedback and Response Times

The arrow doesn’t have to be shot in the dark. Look for the website’s posted testimonials, comment area, reviews, and other feedback.

Find out how long it typically takes to produce a 60-second animation video in order to see if that fits with the deadline for your project.

Custom Made Videos

Evaluate the flexibility and constraints of possible businesses. Check to see whether they are willing to work together and can produce unique animation videos. This one characteristic will, in general, set you apart from potential rivals.

Uncompromising Attitude to Quality

Although it may sound laborious, reviewing each company’s whole portfolio can give you a better understanding of their technical knowledge and experience. This extra time will greatly improve production quality and lower associated risks.


10 Amazing Whiteboard Animation Business Benefits

Everyone understands the value of having a well-planned, well-organized website design. The success of your brand, however, is not just determined by the design of your website. Don’t overlook the effectiveness of whiteboard movies and the advantages of whiteboard animation when creating your next website.

We have all the explanations on why whiteboard animation is crucial for business, if you’ve ever wondered why. Whiteboard animation is different from other types of media content, though. Instead, it is a special kind of sales tool that provides a level of openness, clarity, and efficiency that is simply unmatched by other kinds of sales tools.

The best thing about whiteboards is that they can be utilized to communicate complicated concepts to a busy audience in an engaging, enjoyable, and inexpensive way.

The following list of 10 incredible business advantages of whiteboard animation:

Boost Customer and Product Engagement

The main goal of product marketing is to make your product more recognizable. When compared to utilizing only text or traditional animations, employing a whiteboard animation to communicate your product’s USPs has many advantages. A whiteboard animation movie is a piece of animated media that delivers visual information and helps viewers remember and easily grasp a product.

When watching a product whiteboard animation film, the audience will see a visual representation of the product in use, frequently accentuating a particular feature or outlining its advantages. This is fantastic for getting people to notice your products on social media, through online advertisements, and more.

The key to avail the business benefits of whiteboard animation is to make sure the content highlights the features of your product while making the point that they are an essential part of your business.

To get the most out of a whiteboard animation video, first, understand your brand or product. Know what message you want to convey, who you’re marketing to, and how the product will look and feel. Second, create a simple story arc or storyline that will connect the brand/product with your viewers.

Show Off Your Creativity

Have you ever witnessed a PowerPoint presentation with a straightforward message? Typically, they say something along the lines of: “Here is the slide you are viewing. The steps are listed below. Whiteboard Animation videos are effective because of this. They are animated slides rather than merely static ones. A straightforward animation can significantly improve a presentation, a blog article, or a video.

This is a wonderful method to display your creative side and pique readers’ interest in what you’ll do next. Videos using whiteboard animation can be used to emphasize the benefits of your product or show how to utilize it.

The most important thing here is that the video should be engaging for the viewers.

Improve Your Customer Communication

A whiteboard animation movie is one of the best ways to interact with clients and potential customers. Because people process information differently when they hear it versus when they see it, this is the case. Images are inherently attractive to people. They are also detail-oriented. We can observe the tale develop when we watch a video. The text is readable to us.

However, when we read, we are not required to pay attention to what the author is trying to convey. We only need to read the text. Additionally, we can reread the sentence if we’re unsure of what something means. Doing that with a video is much more difficult.

Explainer videos with whiteboard animation are more effective than regular videos since they typically make your message visually engaging. They are also incredibly simple to communicate and comprehend.

Improve brand recognition, conversions, and sales

Whiteboard animation movies are a remarkably efficient way to generate content, according to several business owners. Videos created using whiteboard animation can be used to demonstrate a good or service, tell a tale, prove a point, or enrich a blog post. It’s also a terrific method to draw viewers in, advertise a new product, make a standout sales pitch, or give a preexisting product some personality.

These are a few of the commercial advantages of whiteboard animation videos that might boost your company.

Produce more high-quality leads.

Whiteboard videos should be used instead of typical sales letters to start generating leads. This is the procedure to use if you’ve been looking for a strategy to produce high-quality leads and increase conversions—in other words, how animation may help your business. In fact, it’s so simple that you may complete it without employing a professional designer and on a tight budget.

This is a really effective way to bring leads to your door or to your doorstep. It’s simple to show folks items they could be interested in because many individuals are merely looking around for more information. Right now, whiteboard animation videos are getting a lot of attention. They’re an effective technique to capture a prospect’s interest and get them to click on a link that will help you produce great leads.

Make your Website more Fun

Your website needs to be more entertaining. Why? because, according to Google, Americans spend more time online than they do exercising. A site that visitors find enjoyable to visit is more likely to keep them there.

Websites need to use whiteboard animation films as part of their online content marketing strategies in the age of “false news” and misinformation. Videos using whiteboard animation are a great way to engage your audience and make the subject matter much more fascinating. You can animate your ideas if you can write them down on a whiteboard.

Build Trust and Credibility

Videos with whiteboard animation can have a variety of benefits. Along with keeping your audience interested, another important consideration is that if you want their trust, you must meet their needs. In this instance, as long as the product functions, the customer doesn’t care how much it costs. Value is not the issue. It’s more important to consider whether you’ve gained their trust and whether your service or product is worthwhile. They are considerably more likely to make a purchase if they have confidence in your company’s ability to execute and if your value proposition is genuine. More people will watch your whiteboard animation movies if you make them more engaging.They’ll begin to pay more attention to what you say as well, so practice speaking clearly and maintaining a constant tone of voice.

Make the Customer Experience More Engaging

customer interaction. What does this expression—which we all use—mean? Customer engagement is described as “the process of involving customers and stakeholders in decisions about your product or service” by the Oxford Dictionary. We mean to involve our customers in decisions regarding our goods and services when we say “we are engaging our customers.”

In other words, we are attempting to compel others to desire what we provide, require, or possess. Whiteboard animations are an excellent method to tell a story in a brief amount of time and are a simple approach to engage customers and boost your company’s social media presence.

You may present your brand’s narrative in an engaging way by utilizing the power of whiteboards, which will persuade users to share your message online.

Reduce Customer Abandonment Rates

Have you ever noticed that consumer desertion rates increase as a product’s price decreases on a website or in a shopping cart? While there are a number of reasons why customers leave online retailers, such as a lack of social proof, “time sensitivity” is the key factor that contributes to the greater abandonment rate.

Whiteboard animation advertising is the most effective approach to increase consumer retention on your website. Your visitors will gain a lot from the whiteboard animation you utilize on your websites.

This is due to the aesthetically appealing nature of whiteboard animation. It is intended to be aesthetically appealing. Customers are therefore more inclined to stay on your website and read everything there is to say.

Drive Social Media Traffic

These days, it’s optional to switch on or off the audio in social media videos, which are frequently played without it. And the latter is typically continued. Whiteboard animations tend to be quite self-explanatory and don’t really require any background music or sound effects to explain what is happening in the movie.

With this fantastic feature, whiteboard films could be your best chance to engage social media users and increase organic traffic.

Wrapping Up!

These are the advantages of whiteboard animation that will boost your brand’s credibility and expand your business. Whiteboard movies are the ideal tool you can use to sell your new software, app, or other product, educate your audience about your product, or just to provide them with a tutorial.

These straightforward but memorable animations can be used by marketers for internal meetings, training sessions, and other purposes. Watch them breathe new life into your brand’s messaging and attract more customers to your company.

So, get in touch if you require such a premium and unique brand asset and want to effectively use whiteboard animation for the advantage of your business. Your audience will be entertained and eager for more thanks to our unique video production service!


Fundraising Video and Nonprofit Video Examples to Inspire You

Fundraising Video Making

In all honesty, we don’t always watch the most effective viral marketing videos. There is a ton of room in the realm of online video marketing for fundraising and non-profit videos as well. Non-profit groups, which are doing good things to change the world, are using digital movies more than ever before. If we paid close attention to the numbers, we could even notice that non-profit videos now hold a larger market share and are earning more money.

Perhaps the reason such videos are getting so much attention is because we care more about the world around us and want to participate in changing it. Here are the top 10 videos we’ve collected for charities and fundraising. Each of them is a combination.

Below are 10 of the best Non-Profit and Fundraising video examples, we hope these inspire you and spark creativity so you can create your next video.

1. Neil Squire

Squire, Neil One of the most inspiring videos about developing assistive technology for those with impairments is this one. With its compelling tale, the video evokes strong feelings in every viewer and inspires them to provide a hand. Their goal is to make all people with disabilities economically and socially inclusive. Makers Making Change uses the skills of community-based makers, occupational therapists, and volunteers to design and provide open-source, reasonably priced assistive technologies in order to further this aim.


A non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of animals, the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals supports legislation that protects animals, runs animal shelters, and organizes public awareness campaigns and educational seminars across British Columbia, Canada.

3. First Descents

Even non-profit videos can be used to show your company to the general public. The First Descents demonstrate this. Even though the length of this film is barely two minutes, it is sufficient to educate each viewer with the organization, its founder, as well as its programs and ethos. The utilization of only images in the video rather than words is its most effective strategy. Each of these illustrates what their programs cover, who participates, and what the organization’s overarching goal is.

4. Save the Children

If we were to take a pill, we’d predict that most viewers would list this as one of their all-time favorite videos. One of the most compelling stories about children affected by war is Save the Children. It notably draws attention to the helpless children from conflict areas like Syria.
The spectacular production alone would be enough to dazzle on the surface. But on a deeper level, the narrative is incredibly gripping and creates an instant connection between the man in the film and the audience.

5. The Impossible Hug

The Impossible Hug brings up a taboo subject for the general population. Although not using music is a risky endeavor for most, the group does a fantastic job of communicating its message. This film successfully engages the audience by using sound and visual design to express emotion and story.

Final Thoughts

On the internet, there are a ton of effective video marketing examples, but there aren’t many that are appealing for non-profit and fundraising purposes. Because these movies are promoting a good or service that viewers may find personally valuable, many people tend to disregard them when they appear online.

However, there is also really moving non-profit and fundraiser video content available. All of these revolve on the fascinating, deeply touching, and perplexing personal experiences of others around us. The storyline, the dialogue, the efficient use of digital video technologies, the execution, and the distribution are all crucial components of successful non-profit video production.

I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now.

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapor around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image, and the breath of that universal love which bears and sustains us, as it floats around us in an eternity of bliss; and then, my friend, when darkness overspreads my eyes, and heaven and earth seem to dwell in my soul and absorb its power, like the form of a beloved mistress, then I often think with longing, Oh, would I could describe these conceptions, could impress upon paper all that is living so full and warm within me.


How to Livestream Like a Pro on YouTube – a Competent Guide for Beginners

You have undoubtedly viewed a lot of YouTube videos if you are an entrepreneur. And it’s likely that you’ve wondered how they make their money. You’re going to need to learn how to Livestream on YouTube like a pro if you want to monetize your channel as well.

Given that YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet, it should come as no surprise that so many people use it as their primary source for videos. In other words, YouTube has grown into a significant traffic source for millions of users.

The best location for novices to learn how to use an encoder to create a live stream, stream, record, and post videos is YouTube. Learning on YouTube has so many advantages. It enables you to establish a location where people may view your films. It is the best method for beginning to develop your YouTube channel.

Why would you Livestream on YouTube?

Why would anyone want to watch a YouTube video stream? There are numerous explanations. To begin with, many people are unsure of where to begin when it comes to making a high-quality movie, but they are capable of creating passable results when using a webcam or camera phone. They also have a great desire to teach others about what they do and acquire new talents.

Let’s talk about the methods to enable live streaming before we go into how to make the most of the widely used site YouTube and how to live stream like a pro on every platform.

In the new YouTube, the live streaming option is by default turned off.

Three simple actions are needed to enable a live stream:

The YouTube Account’s Verification
On the channel features tab, click “Features that require phone verification” to enable the live stream option.
Wait for it to become enabled for up to one day.
The ‘Live’ page under ‘Content’ in YouTube Studio allows you to manage all upcoming and previous live streams.

There are two ways to stream once you are ready. Let’s go over them in more depth.

Livestream on YouTube: Web Browser

It is the simplest way to live stream, monetize your videos, expand your channel, and engage viewers if you’re wondering how to utilize YouTube Live to engage your audience. If there isn’t an integrated camera, all that’s required is a webcam and a USB captured card (If using a DSLR).

The steps to live stream are as follows once the camera is set up:

There are two ways to stream once you are ready. Let’s go over them in more depth.

Step 1: Click the “Create a video or post” button in the top-right corner of the screen after logging into your YouTube account.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu button, select “Go Live” and then specify whether the live stream should begin immediately or at an other point in the future.

Step 3: Keep “Built-in webcam” as the type, and grant YouTube some browser permissions.

Step 4: Edit the event details (title, description, category, thumbnail), configure the engagement features and select a Visibility option (public, unlisted, or private).

Step 5: Preview the stream settings double-checking the selected webcam and microphone.

Step 6: Hit ‘Go Live’.

Voila! You’re now on the air. Remember to click “End Stream” when you are done.

Livestream on YouTube: Mobile Device

A channel cannot offer live streaming from any mobile device until it has at least 50 subscribers. Additionally, YouTube may reduce the amount of viewers and set recordings to private by default if the channel doesn’t have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Before continuing, keep in mind the ideal length for a YouTube live stream video. Getting your video platform-optimized is a technique to quickly increase your channel and interaction.

Live streaming is simple with the following procedures once you’ve reached the subscription threshold:

Step 1: Download the YouTube app.

Step 2: Press the plus sign in the bottom menu’s center after starting the app.

Step 3: Choose “Go live” and give the necessary permissions. Schedule an alternative day and hour for the stream by selecting “More Options.”

Step 4: Set a live stream title and configure the privacy settings.

Step 5: Choose ‘Advanced settings’ to toggle live chat and much more.

Step 6: Press’ Next’ and take a picture for the thumbnail or upload it from the phone.

Step 7: Choose to stream in landscape or portrait to go live.

Hit ‘Finish’ to end the stream.

Wrapping Up

The greatest guide to live streaming doesn’t contain a secret or a magic potion that will transform you into a better video producer. The same thing that works for any creative endeavor you work on is your best weapon in this conflict: practice, practice, practice. It won’t be possible for you to reach a 100% accuracy rate right away, but the more you practice, the simpler it will be to achieve that goal. The only way to fully excel is via practice and error.

You need to think like a publisher if you want to create a successful YouTube channel. Consider how people watch videos online. They use YouTube to locate videos for entertainment, education, and occasionally learning new skills.

Additionally, as a creator, you may strengthen your brand by producing informative videos. Giving, sharing, and assisting others in improving at anything are key components. Making films that interest you and that you are interested in is a great way to live stream on YouTube like a pro. Additionally, if you are enthusiastic about what you do, it will be more pleasurable for you and you’ll want to do more of it.