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When animated explainer movies are used by businesses to describe their services, more than 80% of them report higher sales. This might be the case given that the majority of customers find explainer movies to be useful in comprehending a product or service.

Explainer video marketing strategies are excellent for businesses. Discover seven of the animated explainer video’s many advantages by reading on.

1. They Demonstrate Problems and Solutions

Customers looking for solutions to their difficulties generate a large portion of company. Explainer videos using animation make it easier to illustrate an issue and show how to fix it.

Customers detest reading dense corporate material, and if a sales speech drags on for too long, they’re likely to stop listening. Explainer animations can accomplish the same task more interestingly and artistically.

Short and entertaining videos that are well-designed hold viewers’ attention while making goods and services approachable. To ensure nothing is missed, animated explainer films can easily be paused. They can also be rewinded and watched again to replay crucial information.

2. Animated Video Adds Emotion

For better or worse, we frequently follow our feelings and make decisions depending on how things make us feel. Since our brains correctly absorb visual information 90% of the time, our emotions are typically visual in nature. Additionally, since 65% of individuals learn visually, information presented visually is more effective cognitively in addition to having a stronger emotional impact.

Traditional advertising materials tend to lack emotion, and the stock photographs that accompany them rarely make up for this or even add any real value.

Animated explainer videos can help with this. In addition to using images and voiceovers to appeal to viewers’ emotions, they can communicate information visually.

3. Using Animated Explainer Videos Increases Website Traffic

Your website’s traffic can improve by 80% by adding an animated explanation video to your landing page, which will also boost conversion rates.

What causes this to occur? Web pages featuring video content are favored by internet search engines. This is because they are simple for Internet crawlers and bots to identify. Spiders, sometimes referred to as web crawlers, are machines that collect information from the World Wide Web and catalog it for search engines like Google.

When the video is posted on social media platforms or included into email campaigns, these advantages are enhanced.

Including animated explainer videos is an inexpensive and efficient approach to draw attention to your product or service.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Boost Search Engine Optimization

You already know that web crawlers that index web material for search engines are drawn to animated explainer videos, but videos also support marketing initiatives by enhancing your SEO. This is how:

Including animated explainer videos is an inexpensive and efficient approach to draw attention to your product or service.

  • A lot of people may post an animated explainer film on social media. This can then result in backlinks. When one website links to another, backlinks are created, and they are crucial for achieving good SEO rankings.
  • Your expertise on a subject, commodity or service, can be established with an effective animated explainer film. By consistently publishing fresh videos, updates, and information, you can make your website the go-to resource for information, grow your following, and enhance your SEO.
  • By allowing rich snippets, embedded video explainers and other structured data on your website can improve your SEO. These are search engine visual representations of your page that drive more traffic than traditional site descriptions.

Animated video explainers can help you easily raise your ranking in SEO, which is now a crucial component of any effective marketing strategy.

5. Animated Explainer Videos Are Easily Shared

Although an animated explainer video’s main goal is to explain, whether it’s a problem-solving strategy or a start-plan up’s of action, there are several advantages to making the video entertaining and compelling enough to share.

A million shares are not necessary for the explanation video to be successful. The prominence of a company might be significantly altered by a thousand or even a few hundred.

This is something that animated explainer videos should keep in mind. A boring video is unlikely to be shared by anyone, but one that is hilarious, clever, or unexpected may spread beyond the audience that it is specifically intended for.

Even if they are not the intended audience for your product or service, you should still want to share the animated explainer film you make with family and friends.

6. Animated Explainer Videos Can Simplify Complex Concepts

If people don’t grasp how your product or service works, it’s difficult to explain why it’s the greatest. Unfortunately, traditional techniques of explanation frequently cause the majority of people to get too bored to really comprehend what is being said.

While breaking down complex subjects into clearly understandable chunks, animated explainer movies may keep audiences engaged. Effective music and voiceovers combined with excellent animation may make learning new things fun and make products or services more appealing.

7. Animated Explainer Videos Are Surprisingly Affordable

With all these advantages, you may assume that making an animated explainer film would be costly. It’s not, which is fantastic news. Animated videos are generally less expensive to produce than traditional explainer videos and broadcast ads for a number of reasons:

  • They are quick to produce, meaning fewer production team man-hours.
  • They don’t require expensive sets because everything is done on a computer.
  • They don’t need live actors and the designers, costumers, makeup artists, catering, and all the other extras that go withthem.

The budgetary concerns of traditional video production can be creatively limiting, but with animation, anything is possible.

Bee Video Can Help You Create Entertaining and Informative Animated Explainer Videos

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